Sunday, March 13, 2005

How do you teach someone to teach?

That's the question I've been thinking about. I have a student teacher for the next eight weeks. What do I need to tell her? In the busyness of a school day what do I need to stop and let her know. I try to think about the people who taught me the most. I think maybe they listened to me. I made so many mistakes, and maybe that helped me to learn the most. I'm hopeful for her. She loves people and she cares for kids and she loves to teach and talk about writing. What do I need to say or do for her to make the experience go well? Teaching comp when I started graduate school seemed easy compared to teaching a roomful of seventh graders. The one thing I didn't see in my class observations was a community. I think it is so important for each student to know each person in their class. They need to know each other's names and they need to talk. In the classes I've observed the teacher has been the fulcrum--is that the right word. All of the talk is channeled through the teacher. The students aren't talking to one another. The more the teacher can decenter herself I think the better class can go. If the teacher decenters herself, students can depend more on what they know and what other students know, rather than just depending on the teacher. Just some thoughts that I have as I attempt to become a better blogger. :)

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