Thursday, August 12, 2010

How "Present" Are You?

It was interesting to hear that Thomas and Sara were going to begin blogging. I knew Sara did already, but the fact that they made this pact to blog each day is neat. It's a writing group that doesn't really meet face to face. I wonder if they talked about responding to their posts. I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately for much the same reason as Thomas--140 characters isn't enough. I'm reading some great ideas on Twitter, and I want to write more.

As I've explore Twitter, it's made me think more about blogging. With blogging, it was very difficult to build an audience. With good writing and consisting posting and consisting response to other people with more active blogs, you could eventually create a following. I see a lot of potential for Twitter to drive traffic to a blog and to the writing that you are doing. The writing still has to be worthwhile and interesting, or people won't return.

(This is as far as I got yesterday, but I'm posting anyway. I guess that's why I like Twitter. I have time for 140 characters.)

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