Monday, November 28, 2005

Planning for next semester

Barb and I talked about the plans for the pilot study in the spring. I've been trying to work on IRB for Mizzou and the school district. Barb scheduled the mobile computer lab. One thing we don't have are six surge protectors to hook up the laptops. The battery power will run out in one class, and we will need it for second, third, and fourth block. She has first block prep. which is good, so that will give us time to set up.

I gave her a copy of the school-wide calendar, and she is having a student work add in school-specific events that may affect our schedule. Right now, I'm planning on observing in her class on Fridays. I need to check to see if we don't have school on some Fridays. If that is the case, we'll need to schedule the lab for an alternate day on those weeks.

I'm using this blog to record some of the thinking I'll be doing for this pilot study.


gezzicar said...

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Keri said...

I can't wait to read your blog. I'm so excited. You are the first visitor that I have had in forever. How long have you had your xanga?