Saturday, October 29, 2005


In my doc. seminar, we had been discussing Moffett's essay called "Inner Speech." We had discussed how sometimes people have a weird reaction to the idea of meditation in the classroom. I accidentally came across the blog. I had not heard the story on NPR. Here is his blog.

I tried a writing exercise in Elbow and Belanoff's A Community of Writer's. After reading Moffett's piece, I would say that it is meditation. What a great way to tap into your inner speech. A few minutes of quiet before writing can make a huge difference in our writing.

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Marcia said...

I searched for Moffett's article online and found this JAC article you might be interested in.

In the JAC article, Schmidt talkes about "systematic procedures for meditating." Does Moffett talk about that?

By reading Moffett's article and practicing what he said, you were able to write a meditation in response to E&B writing exercise? Or, does the E&B writing exercise emphasize meditative writing too?