Sunday, January 30, 2005

Post from 1/30 to Kristen

Who the hell is Fred? Anyway. I choose to ignore him for now. One of Kristen's comments made me think of Foucault. Who decides what information is on that list?. Kristen writes that everyone has their niche. That statement makes me think of Foucault's "Correct training." Foucault might say that the people in power would much prefer for you to think there was some list of information that you need to know to become "part" of society. The cultural elite can marginalize you by saying "you don't know what is on that list?" although you may know a lot of other stuff. The power comes from the list maker. The person who decides what you should know, i.e. what is on the list, has the power. The list disciplines people, keeps them in line, shows them their place. I had a very weak analogy about banana shopping, but I decided to delete it or your sakes.

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