Sunday, January 30, 2005

comments on readings for week 3

From Gilles "The Departmental Perspective"

"The key is regular, informal practicer at writing." (5)

"Our service courses should provide students with the oppotunity to practice the craft of writing." (5)

Wow, I can't agree more.

He tells students that conventions have to be learned, they can't be taught.

Cites Carolyn T. Adams presidential address in 1998 to the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences about the three abilities that a liberal education must develop:

1. make meaning from information
2. know how to learn (makes me think of metacognition)
3. develop the capacity to see adn understand the perspectives of people different from ourselves.

"The skills include grammar and punctuation, but they also include teh foundational skills of democratic citizenship" (8). --Friere anyone?

Chase's "Composition, Community, and Curriculum: A Letter to New Composition Teachers"

This article made me think that really I should be allowing them to work on their writing from other classes in our workshop--so maybe one paper could be from another class that they are working on. I need to quiz them in class tomorrow about a paper that they are writing for another class.

Chase writes, "It is critically important, then, that all composition teachers stop from time to time to consider the ends of the course they are taching in relation to the ends suggested by the composition program as a whole, the general education or liberal studies ...." (14).

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Amy said...

How fun to step into your blog....and I needed to see a good example of blogging. I moved from livejournal to blogger so I could more easily connect to all. yes, I'm finally on after learning that Explorer and Mac just don't do blogger. All is fixed, though my individual blog is part livejournal, part here, and part just my own Word documents. I liked seeing how you have organized thoughts and used this space. How is this helping you as you read and write and think about class?