Monday, July 16, 2012

Leveling the Digital Playing Field in Career and Technical Centers: Podcast with Amy Knowles, Co-Director of the Ozarks Writing Project

Our first day of the Digital Writing Institute, we created a podcast. Our goal was to talk about digital writing. I paired with Amy who was thinking about incorporating digital writing into Career and Technical Centers for some professional development work that Ozarks Writing Project is doing with an area Career Tech Center. My link to the podcast is below. We created the podcast using GarageBand. We recorded and saved the podcast. I couldn't seem to upload it into Blogger, so Kathy suggested saving it to the Wiki and then linking to my blog.

Here's the unedited version of the podcast.
Amy's Podcast

It had been awhile since I used GarageBand, and I couldn't remember how to edit. Kathy showed me how to select and then splice the audio so I could delete the part that Amy and I didn't want to include.

As far as the writing, I typed out my introduction, "My name is Keri Franklin...I'll be interviewing Amy Knowles..." In my mind, I was imagining NPR's Fresh Air and thinking about what Teri Gross would do if she were to introduce someone. This also makes me think of trying this in my own class. I might want to have them listen to some podcasts at first to get an idea about what is required for a podcast. What does a listener need? What's an appealing intro? What do people want to listen to?

Where does writing fit into this? What kinds of rhetorical decisions do we have to make?

After Kathy explained what we were going to do, it seemed like the room got very quiet.

What did Amy and I learn?

After we finished the blog

Amy's questions:
1. How do you add music?
2. Once you cut that mistake out, does it automatically fill that in? [in GarageBand, you have to take the empty out and 'close the gap."]

Ideas from Megan
1. Talking with a friend. Save it and listen to it in the future. After done with the writing process to go back and do another podcast.
2. Record family stories and gather images.

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