Friday, October 27, 2006

Teaching with Blogs

Teaching with Blogs

Barb was disappointed today about students' language on the blog. I have to tell you I've been impressed by what I read tonight. One student posted in her blog her self-initiated writing. She said that she doesn't often share her writing, but she was proud of this and wanted to share it. This kind of "work" was unsolicited by the teacher. The student really put herself out there by blogging about the death of her father, and there were two comments from one blogger. One comment said the piece was really long, the other comment said it was time consuming to read. I have never posted on the blog, but I couldn't help it. I just felt like I had to post--through her a lifeline. I just moved from participant-observer to active participant--at least for one post.


TERRY said...

Now this is what I look for in a good teacher--humanity. Bless you and your lifeline to that student. It's not the tools, it's the way the tools allow us to be more humane.

Keri said...

Thanks, Terry.

Research is new to me, and the thing I struggle with the most is how much of a part do I take in the classroom.

Yesterday, I looked at the comments that came after my post. The student thought I was another student. She aksed why I didn't post more. The student who wrote the initial post posted again and clarified.

Thanks for your comments.