Saturday, September 24, 2005

Book Pass

Two students in my class did a lesson with a modified book pass. They had students decorate brown paper bags with quotes or images that reflected the novel. Then, students filled the bags with objects that related to the novel. As I watched the lesson, I wondered if they would give students any criteria for what went into the bag.

Last night, as I sat on my friends back porch, she had a wonderful idea. She said that you could ask each students to include an object that represents a character, one that represents a theme, one that represents setting, etc. What a great idea? The students in the methods class really liked the idea, but I think this idea takes it a step further.

I'll have to post the link to that site.

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Ms. James said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the theme/character/setting/passage/ idea to go into the sack. Interestingly, I had two kids get up and give book presentations today. They had learned how to do something similar to this in middle school, so I just let them take it away. They followed no guidelines as to what went into the sack, and I let them go on- out of curiosity and the fact that they were ready to present. They were nice presentations, but they really didn't go beyond the summary level. This is OK since I guess my main goal is to interest the rest of the class in a new book to read and to give kids a chance to speak in front of the class, but in the future I'm going to ask for more analysis of the writing, thus, favorite passage, symbols, theme, character, etc., just to see what it renders. We did have an interesting discussion of one of the Gossip Girls books when I asked why the News Leader published an article about the series and its inappropriate content for young girls. Those who were familiar with the series felt that middle school kids were too young, but now that they are mature 9th graders (do you love it?) anything goes. I haven't read one to know, but the presentation did go into depth on bulimia and body image problems. Seems to me that would be a good topic for this age.