Friday, August 12, 2005

Making Progress

I am continuing to work on the syllabus. Why is it such slow going for me? I've also been adding articles and handouts to Blackboard. I hadn't thought much about this class until the last few weeks, and I am beginning to feel a bit nervous. I enjoyed my internship in the same class last year, but now I am the teacher--totally in charge. You know, I notice the more time that I have on my hands, the more time I waste. As much as I think I hate it, when I am really, really busy, I get so much more done.

Today, I met a friend that I have known since kindergarten. We went to school together from K-12. She looked great; older and beautiful. We went to McAlister's. She still lives in our hometown and know pretty much what everyone who lives there is still doing. She says name and I remember the name, but I can't pull up a picture of the person. She's been working with and for lawyers for several years. I asked her if she thought about going to law school. She said that she would love it, and I could see her doing that. She has two kids. One will be in seventh grade. I reminded her that in 7th grade we heard rumors about a girl that we went to school with who had sex in the 7th grade. She said, "I remember. I was thinking about that the other day." I still have the notes that we wrote each other in junior high. There are initials of boys that we liked and I can't remember who the initials stand for. That's something when you are in seventh grade that you think you would never forgot.

I also noticed that she talked differently than I did. She talked kind of like my dad. I've heard my dad call trucks "rigs." And I've heard her use that phrase. I can't believe that we are thirty. It really does seem like "just the other day" when we were in junior high and high school. How can it go by so fast? My parents always said that it would, but remember how slow the time went before you were sixteen and then before high school graduation. Then, ZIP. You are 30.


ajm said...

Yes, great progress. I have to start writing syllabi tomorrow for my for literature classes. Key concept I must remember is "relevant." If the novel is relevant, then writing about it, researching it, and responses to it will work, but if not, then it will bomb. What makes literature relevant to kids?? It has to be real, topical, provocative. I am thinking about teaching Song of Solomon this year--can I teach a novel this raw?? I am glad Caged Bird is on your list. Also, I think a students need to jounral/respond to the novel in an effort to build towards a final paper of their choosing. Something that they want to share and care about. AJM

Keri said...

Relevant. I totally agree. I have read Song of Solomon at least twice. Could you teach SoS as an option in a literature circle? Do you teach Caged Bird?

Just out of curiosity, what are some of the things that would make you reconsider teaching Song of Solomon? Would it be hard for them to keep up with? Would they hate the ending?