Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Writing for Myself: Writing to Teach

Writing for Myself: Writing to Teach

I'm sticking with this blogging thing because it is hard for me. I really struggle against it, but maybe this "publicness" makes me push myself a big--write more than I usually do? I notice spelling and punctuation problems because I am usually in a hurry and I don't read it over it before I "publish." I'm wondering about fear right now. Fear holds us back. Marcia is doing her presentation on blogging and some people aren't participating. Why? This is such a great experience. Wouldn't we expect our own students to participate and try giving it a shot? But it comes down to fear. Fear that some people will read and judge what we write. I fear that, I know. But I think the writing project last year really helped me to come to the conclusion that I need to write and I have to write, and I need to share.


Donna said...

Hi Keri--
Very cool that you're blogging and that you got Marcia to introduce blogging as part of the Writing Project!

Keri said...

I had to ask Marcia how to comment to you. It was wonderful to have Marcia in the project. She introduced blogging to so many people. I'm mad at myself right now that I didn't invite you over. You could stop in any time. So, on your calendar for next June, would you please pick an hour or two or a day to come by and just sit in. That would be wonderful.