Tuesday, May 24, 2005

the last day of "school"

The next two days are finals. On Thursday, the last day of school, I have lunch duty. I spent a whole semester supervising lunch. It was one of those character-building things. I met many new students, and I learned how to calm down angry students and persuade them to pick up their trash. Some of the time. The ISS teacher still calls me Cat Lady after the cat incident. It was me and 250 students in the cafeteria. I begged for back-up, to no avail. If you blinked, a kid would be gone and a tray would be sitting there. Well, on this day, I blinked and a leftover cat from Anatomy and Physiology was sitting on a lunch tray in the middle of the table. I was so made. I checked the security footage. You can't see anything. It's the biggest waste of television and tape I have ever seen. I haven't supervised in two years at least. I can't say that I have missed. I pray that there are no food fights.

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