Monday, May 02, 2005


Well, I'm in San Antonio. Me and 22,000 other people. I'm hearing a about a lot of literacy issues that I have no clue about. I have heard of reading first--I know that the government gives your school money if you follow their directions exactly. I thought that I heard elementary teachers in my class talk about how it wasn't such a great thing. They feared it a bit. The teachers here seem pretty pumped about.

I went to six sessions before I found one that wasn't full. I walked all over the place, and the lines were so long. I heard Julie Andrews speak today. Yes, The Sound of Music. I didn't know that she wrote children's books. I went to a session called The Comedy of Punctuation and another called The Role of Reading Coach and Mentor. I thought that sounded good, but it was really about the reading first initiative. I guess if you sign up for that then you have reading coaches at your school.

Tonight there is a concert across from my hotel. Lyle Lovett will be there and Los Lobos and Arch Angel and the Gypsy Kings. The tickets are $100 a piece and there are only 2000 available. Unless the street is blocked off, I am planning on standing on the street or sitting on the roof of the Hyatt.

I have finals next week and a lot of work to do. Syllabus, Assignment, Chapter for the professor, Final, and final in statistics. I should try to do a little studying at some point, but that hasn't happened yet. Also, I forgot to return an email to NCTE, so I can be on the student literary magazine board. I hope it's not too late.

Orientation for the Missouri Writing Project is coming up next week, and I'm nervous. Actually, that's something I need to work on first. I think I better stop blogging right now.

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Donna said...

You're blogging a conference while at the conference! Cool!

The comedy of punctuation? And there won't be another meeting of 8010 where you could share...