Sunday, January 23, 2005

bell hooks

Talk of Friere makes me think of bell hooks. I used bell hooks and Friere and Foucault in my master's thesis.
I love her book Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom.

"To teach in varied communities not only our paradigms must shift but also the way we think, write, speak. The engaged voice must never be fixzed and absolute but always changing, always evolving in dialogue with a world beyond itself. " (11)

"Teachers are not performers in the traditional sense of the word in that our work is not meant to be a spectacle. Yet it is meant to serve as a catalyst that calls everyone to become more and more engaged, to become active participants in learning." (11)

"Since the vast majority of students learn through conservative, traditional educational practices and concern themselves only with the presence of the professor, any radical pedagogy must insist that everyone's presence in acknowledged" (8).

"To begin, the professor must genuinely value everyone's presence. There must be an ongoing recognition that everyone influences the classroom dynamic, that everyone contribute" (8).


I think Friere think that teachers need to grow with the students. I think students need to see
the teachers grow in their thinking and see that teachers are learning with the students.

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Marcia said...

Did you know bell hooks is going to be at MU? She's going to be speaking March 30th in Jesse Auditorium. Sorry, I don't know the time.